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Erasmus+-guiden för 2017

Den nya Erasmus+-guiden för 2017 är nu tillgänglig på nätet. Läs mer och ladda ned guiden här.

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OIKURIREN No. 2 / 2016 original english language articles

The online version of OIKURIREN no. 2 / 2016 with the theme Migration has recieved an update. Two articles are now also available in their original english language form, here: Joseph’s emigration Why do Japan accept such few refugees – in comparison to Sweden Have a nice read! 🙂

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Joseph’s emigration

Joseph Vondruska was born in Linz, Austria, in 1920. His family actually lived in a smaller city close by named Steyr. His parents emmigrated to the United States the following year while he stayed with relatives in Austria. Joseph was supposed to come to the United States in 1922 with an aunt, but she was…
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Why do Japan accept such few refugees?

in comparison to Sweden Last year, Japan officially accepted 106 refugees. While one fifth of the Swedish population is foreign origin, foreign population in Japan accounts for 1.7 percent, among 120 million people. Eighty percent of them are those born in Asian countries. Why Japan is so homogeneous? To begin with, Japan accepts few immigrants as…
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